miari: (jaeho awards)
miari ([personal profile] miari) wrote2013-05-05 06:54 pm
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so. as some of you know i have a real life twitter that you've asked me for and followed me on and such. and then i asked that you not @ me when discussing my fics and writing because i have family and friends that follow me and i don't want them to know about my writing.

but recently i've been watching people freak out about glass heart and cdl and I'VE DESPERATELY WANTED TO TALK BACK (read: tease) and SOOOO.

i've made myself a fandom twitter in which you can @me about my writing all you want and i can respond. and in which i can rant about my writing and tease to my heart's content.

so follow me or something :) @caleyedei . i'll follow you all back :)

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