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I'm so obvious and predictable but IDGAF.


/weeps forever. 

I love my otp. I love them. 




I will never be over them.

EDIT: Okay, so it's a fan account and it's all very suspicious but I'M CHOOSING TO BELIEVE. D:
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Just. In general, you know? Like obviously, I miss all of them.  Like, it's not even that it's fun to write about their "romance" or adorable to just see them fall all over each other and be all parent-y. Or to watch them stare at each other and flirt just because they know we like it.

I just. I really miss their friendship. Regardless, I love them and they will always have a special place in my heart.

Beautiful OTP is Beautiful.  That is all.

K. Now watch this.  I seriously have seen it a million times and it makes me tear up. It's beautiful. (And to entice you further, it inspired me to write fic.)

my midnight drabble.
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Because I Can't Stay Away
R; Romance, Smut
It was perfect because it was Yunho.

Rather than an end, Jaejoong rushed towards a beginning... )
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Title: Business Proposal
Pairing: Yunjae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Drama, Humor, Romance
Summary: The sales at Yunho’s restaurant are slipping and he has a horrible feeling that it’s the fault of a new establishment that’s just opened across the street: a cozy, home-like establishment with an angel for an owner that he doesn’t have a crush on, no matter what Junsu says.
A/N: 7,000 words, also, cliche use of Cassiopeia.

He's trying to steal my business. )

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So, I've inserted in bold either where they would have been or why I decided to not include them. :)

Extra stuff )
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For [livejournal.com profile] aniprincess_13 . HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (and Merry Christmas/Happy other Holidays everyone!)

Also, Happy DBSK Day lol.


Some people asked me to list all previous verses in this so here you go:

The Naked Man
; The Lewd Man: One ~ Two; Art of De-Stressing: One ~ Two ; The (Not-So) Best Laid Plans: One ~ TwoAccomodationsIt's a Love AffairSouls, Hands, and Couch CushionRevelationWarmth of Your ArmsLost(and Found)Professor of Broken BonesHistory of Jung Yunho 101WantingSuspensionThe New Professor; Worst Day Ever: One  ~ TwoConfrontations; Unconditional Love: One ~ TwoMight Sort OfAftermathDrama CityOf Cleaning and Bad MenHomecoming; Beginning All Over Again; Rumors, Lies, and More KissesBurnt CoffeeHere With Me


He was the luckiest man alive )
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adfkjadshk this is so long. 6,001 words fml

They're married. )

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Promised myself this update would come quicker and TADA. <3Yejin looked beautiful, smiling up at him expectantly and...what was he supposed to be telling her again? )



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God this is so long. Two parts (written simultaneously, just for you so there's less waiting,)  and to make for easier reading. And it's kinda sad, but you get some answers...so yay?
I don't even know what it is that I'm supposed to be worrying about...except that it's been twelve minutes since he left, not ten. )
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Figured I'd post this much seeing as I have it written...<3
She cheated on the last test... )


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