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Desperately Love This Song

This is like...my theme song. Like seriously, if someone were to write a song that I feels sounds like myself, it would be this one. The lyrics are just...like they are written just for me. IDEK. Yeah, he's no Junsu. But his voice is nice. It grows on me every time I hear it. And boy can write songs. HE CAN WRITE SONGS I TELL YOU. This is officially my theme song.

Lyrics Translation by [livejournal.com profile] kimi_no_tsuki, posted here

"A song you can find just about anywhere."
Words and Music by Ninomiya Kazunari, Arrangement by ha-j and Ninomiya Kazunari

What is right? And what is wrong?
It’ll be alright. So we say

But those words seem to make you lose part of yourself,
And that’s the scariest thing of all.

So scream it out with all your might.
As though it were proof that you are here.
We’re not that weak, but we’re also not that strong
So, it’s alright to cry
It’s not embarrassing at all
Because only those who have a tomorrow are able to do it
It’s a signal towards the future

Cry, seek, fall, and then cry again.
That’s how you’ll become an adult...

I was afraid of being hurt.
But if I forced myself not to cry, it made me lose the ability to smile.

When I realized it, I was all alone, I was scared.
At that time, you reached out to me. Your voice was painfully kind.
I cried. And you called me a "crybaby",
So I said you were one too, and it felt better. We laughed.

Just like always, we joke with each other.
But don’t say it’s nostalgic.
It’s right now, hold tight to what we have right now...

You see, we breathe in and out. That’s how we live.
One step at a time, we keep walking. And that’s enough...
It’s alright. We will always be here.
So go ahead and let it all out
Now, hold your head up high and say it
"That’s who we are"

Always, always, always...

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