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The Music Man

Title: The Music Man (1/3)
Genre: AU, Comedy
Rating: PG
Pairings: Kyumin, Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, etc.
Summary: The Music Man, an accomplished con artist, infiltrates a small town with the intent of scamming the locals. His game? He likes to pretend that he knows a lot about the entertainment business and goes around recruiting young boys for a boy band, which of course, will never exist, before disappearing with lots of money and moving on to the next city.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is based on the musical the Music Man, so the only thing that's mine is the modernization and dramatization of it. Enjoy <3
Warning: Ages are all screwed up.

The Music Man

There are plenty of con artists in the world. They lie like Satan and cheat like gamblers and get paid like Bill Gates. They trick you out of life insurance and steal your identity numbers. They steal your jewelry (and cars), your daughters and sons (like they're the Pied Piper of Hamlin.) And then there's one con man who wiggles and worms his way into your heart before snatching your money out from under your nose. Him you need to be cautious of; he'll sweep you under a tide of music, woo you with pretty faces and flashy dance steps. He'll make you think he knows everything about the music entertainment industry, when in truth, he knows hardly anything at all. Beware of him. Hide your children! Lock your doors! The Music Man makes money out of treble clefs and cute dimples…your town is next!

"What a load of rubbish!"

Hangeng looked up from his morning cup of green tea to find his lover's furious face leering at the newspaper.

"Just because this idiot couldn't discern some conman's dancing from a real dancer, it doesn’t mean that the rest of South Korea is in mortal peril!"

It was far too early for Heechul's tirades. Hangeng took another sip.

"Does he think that we're all idiots? I would march myself all the way to Seoul and give him a piece of my mind if I didn't have so much to do."

"Heechul, it isn't even nine yet, sit down, have a cup of tea. Relax."

"I can't relax!" Heechul swooshed his red hair and Hangeng had to remind himself that he had to get to work and couldn't afford to be late. Again. "Where is your son?"

Hangeng chuckled, pulling Heechul onto his lap, kissing the spluttering man's cheek gently. "He's working at the library this summer, remember? You got him the job."

"I regret that!" Heechul said immediately, "That…that librarian gave him another book in English! I don't trust him!"

"The librarian or my son?"

"The librarian of course."

"Kyuhyun is completely competent; have a little faith. You just don't like him because he dotes on Henry and you're afraid of being replaced in my son's heart. Which wouldn't happen," Hangeng added, handing the rest of his tea to Heechul, "Now drink."

Heechul sulked.


He was first known as the man who almost got hit crossing the street. Next, he was known as the man who managed to convince Officer Siwon to not give him a ticket for jaywalking. A few minutes after, he was explained as the man who was unfamiliar with the city (which was why Siwon forgave him, apparently,) and an hour after that he was known as the man that saved little Ryeowook from a falling piano. Then he was gossiped to be Lee Sungmin and looking for a room to rent. But no one knew him as the Music Man. Lee Sungmin thought that this was a very good thing.

"Excuse me, could you recommend a hotel to me? I need a room."

"Try Seoul."

Sungmin frowned at the man in front of him, carefully discerning if the grocer was being serious or funny.

"I just came from Seoul."

"Well then, you're out of luck aren't you?"

"What's your name?" Sungmin followed the man to the meat section of the market, wondering if he should have walked into a different store for directions.

"Kim Kibum."

Sungmin smiled, "Well, Kibum I'm Lee Sungmin. I'm in the entertainment business."

"We have no use for entertainment here; the mayor's lover provides plenty of that. Peddle your product elsewhere."

"I'm not a peddler," Sungmin ducked to avoid a fly trap hanging from the ceiling, "Just a visitor."

"We have no use for those either," a large knife clacked on a cutting board, severing a chuck of meat and Sungmin jumped. "Good day to you."

Well, Sungmin thought, terribly irritated,How rude.

He walked out of the grocery store and continued down the street. Seeing a candy store, Sungmin made a bee line for it and ducked through the doorway.

It was a cute little store. Decorated in white and pink with lollipops and chocolate painted on the wall, the store seemed to carry every sweet known to mankind.


There was a crash and Sungmin's jaw dropped as he saw a familiar face pop up from behind a counter of fudge.


"Sungmin? Oh my god! Minnie!"

The man stumbled out from behind the counter, wiping his hands on a apron. "Lee Sungmin how the hell are you? Wait. I meant, what the hell are you doing in this low-down good for nothing town?"

"I'm fine. I'm here for work."

Sungmin grinned at Shindong's suspicious glare. "Want to help? It can be just like old times. Galavanting, girls, gold…oh god. You've gone straight haven't you?"

"This is my candy shop. I have a lovely wife and daughter, thank you very much." Shindong cocked his head, "What scam are you running these days anyway?"

Sungmin plucked a lollipop from a stand and gave Shindong his best heart-melting smile. His old friend grunted.

"The boy band one," Sungmin unwrapped the treat, immediately starting to suck on it, "This is delicious."

"Sungmin, this town has no use for boy bands."

"Nonsense. Everyone loves a good boy band."

"Not these people. They could care less."

"Shindong, you know better than anyone that making people care is what I do best. C'mon. Just a little information?"

Shindong sighed.

"Is there anyone that could figure me out before I scram? Who's dangerous? Any angles that I can use?"

"Yeah, you can angle your way out of here."

Sungmin pouted.

"Fine. Scam the citizens, I don't like them any way."

"Excellent." Sungmin swiveled the lollipop for awhile before asking, "So who do I need to watch out for?"

"The librarian. He teaches singing and piano."

"Ooooh," Sungmin squealed, "I love challenges. This is going to be so much fun."

"Maybe for you," Shindong muttered, and smacked Sungmin's hand away from swiping another lollipop, "Come on, I'll show you around town."

"Seriously, this is the most amazing lollipop I've ever eaten."

"Sweet-talking will not get you anywhere."

Sungmin continued as if he hadn’t heard Shindong. “So, when you see the librarian, you just give me a sign. Mr. Voice Coach won’t know what hit him.” Sungmin twirled his lollipop expertly before popping it back into his mouth (not really minding the rather obscene sound it made,) “He’ll be cheering for my boy band before you can say candy shop.”

Shindong squeaked suddenly and spun anxiously around, attempting to hide his large frame behind Sungmin’s smaller one. “Hide me.”

“Mr. Voice Coach?” Sungmin perked up.

“No. Worse. The mayor’s lover. Hangeng ran for office,” Shindong informed him in hushed tones, “But everyone knows that Heechul actually runs the town.”

Sungmin watched in interest as a man with bright red hair walked angrily across the street towards the library. Or, Sungmin mused, perhaps the man trouncing rather than walking. That might be a better word.

“Why are you using me as a shield?”

“He hates me,” Shindong sounded like a man in mourning, “I was giving Hangeng’s son extra candy, as always, because he’s so cute, and he happened to mention in front of Heechul how much he liked me for it...and that spelled my doom.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

People on the sidewalk were parting for the Heechul like he was Moses parting the Red Sea. Sungmin really was quite amused.

“Anyone whom Henry could possibly like more than Heechul, besides his father, of course, is seen as a threat. My business suffered for weeks because Heechul parked himself outside my shop and glared at anyone who tried to come in. It was terrible.”

Sungmin decided that he was bored of the lemon flavored candy and he chewed the rest of the hardened sugar off the stick, tossing the plastic into a nearby trashcan. “This is such an interesting town.”


Kyuhyun didn’t need to look up in order to know who had just banged the door to the library open. Only one person ever did that.

You” A book slammed down onto the desk and Kyuhyun sighed, swiping off his glasses and looking up from his list of books to order.

“Can I help you, Heechul-ssi?”

“Yes. You can stop giving books in English to Henry.”

“Whatever for? He’s learning to speak it so well. And I’ll ask you to keep your voice down. This is a library.”

“You could be giving him,” Heechul finally spoke in a frantic whisper, “erotica for all I know.”

“Why would I do that? I’m not at all in favor of corrupting young minds.”

“Because you’re a librarian,” Heechul leaned over the desk menacingly, “and you all have secret lives.”

Kyuhyun tried not to laugh.


Henry was pushing a cart of books past the desk and Kyuhyun had to cough to hide his giggle as Heechul’s anger melted off his face.

“Omo! Henry! How is work? Everyone’s been treating you...normally...right?” Heechul sent a sidelong glare at Kyuhyun whose face was beginning to turn red as he choked on his own mirth.

“Of course, Kyuhyun is really nice.”

“I’ll bet he is.”

“Heechul-ssi, if that is all, I have work to do and Henry has to finish shelving those books.”

Dragon fire was no where near equivalent to the intensity of Heechul’s irate gaze.

“Henry, come right home when you’re done, alright? We’ll have a nice family dinner and everything.”

Henry brightened up and nodded, pushing his cart away with a strange happy enthusiasm. Kyuhyun didn’t know where he got it.

Heechul walked back to the desk and shook the American book in Kyuhyun’s face. It might have ben a threat but Kyuhyun wasn’t sure. “No more of this,” the older man said.

Kyuhyun already knew which book he was going to send Henry back with today. In English, of course, because it was fun to spite Heechul, and it’s not like he had anything he could lose. Maybe he could find one with a descriptive kissing scene; that would be spectacular.


Sungmin was sucking on a strawberry lollipop (he was sure that Shindong had no idea how many sweets his skillful fingers had pilfered,) as he considered the best course of action to take. He was trying to think of a way to convince the townspeople that paying for voice lessons, and dance lessons, and costumes, and beautifying would be beneficial for their boys. He had already seen several young men who were prime targets for his scheming. He didn’t want to lost any of them.


“Beautifying” his first few targets was key of course. Dangle some finished products in front of the general populace and they followed like blood hounds until they got what they wanted.

“Hold up!”

But how to get them all on the same page; that was the question.

“Yah! Man sucking a lollipop! Slow down!”

Sungmin paused mid-step and spun on the ball of his left foot.

“You my friend, are difficult to find.”

The con man wondered if he knew the dimpled man walking up to him. He thought not. “I’ll have to work on that. Being hard to find is not good at all,” very counterproductive to what I’m doing.

“Shindong said that you were looking for a room. You’re the only unfamiliar face in town so I just that you were the lone traveler that’s been causing a stir. Lee Sungmin, right?”

The lollipop was squished into a cheek. “That’s me.”

“Park Jungsoo, but everyone calls me Leeteuk. Long story, don’t ask.” There was an awkward pause before Leeteuk continued, “I also believe I owe you some thanks for saving my Ryeowook earlier today. He’s so curious; I took my eyes off him for a second and boom: he finds the most precarious thing in town to watch. Kyuhyun will have a fit when he learns that his new piano almost squished his younger brother.”

Sungmin filed the names away for later use.

“That’s why I’d like to offer you a room, free of charge, for as long as you’re visiting. To say thank you.”

There was something terribly kind about Leeteuk that Sungmin couldn’t resist. He found himself accepting and the two walked to Shindong’s store where Sungmin was keeping his bags.

“So what do you do?” Leetuek asked.

“I’m in the entertainment business,” Sungmin chewed the strawberry candy off it’s stick, “a talent scout.”

“What are you doing all the way out here?”

“Scouting for a boy band,” Sungmin grinned and tossed ths tick into a trash can.

On the way to the shop, they passed an electronics store that had crowds of people pressing their noses to the glass windows.

“What are they looking at?”

“Some new video game system that no one here has ever played before. A Wii I think? I’m not sure. These new doodads get so complicated, don’t you think?”

“You’ve never heard of a Wii?” Sungmin was surprised, to say the least.

“No. Everyone’s rather excited about the new technology, though.”

New? Sungmin thought wryly, but then a plan began to form in Sungmin’s mind.

“How troublesome,” he shook his head, “To think that it’s even reached it’s claws all the way out here.”

“Is there something wrong with the Wii?” Leeteuk asked, and he looked genuinely concerned.

Sungmin slung a free arm about Leeteuk and hoped that the other man wouldn’t mind such familiarity. “A Wii is just all sorts of trouble.”


The con man nodded seriously, knowing he had presented the right bait and that his fish was hooked. “Let me tell you all about it.”


“You told Leeteuk what?”

“That a Wii corrupts the minds of the young. It’s going to be my in.”

Shindong burst out laughing.

“What? Was that a bad idea?”

“Dongsaeng, I don’t know how you do it. You always find the best people to spread your lies. Trust me, if the whole town doesn’t already know that the Wii is going to pollute their pure children, then they will very, very soon.”

Sungmin swiped another lollipop in celebration.


Kyuhyun locked the library up at five o’clock and began the short walk back to his home through the semi-crowded sidewalk. Or Leeteuk’s home, however you wanted to look at it. The man had taken both Kyuhyun and his brother in after their parents had died in a car accident and Leeteuk was now just as much both a father and a mother to them than anyone else.

“My son is not going near that...that thing.”

“It’s the spawn of the devil, it is. I heard that it makes your eyes fall out of their sockets.”

Rumors. The town thrived on gossip. Kyuhyun was sick of it and he made a point to sit quietly in his library and hand out books, far away from all of it.

“Trouble, nothing but pure trouble. My child will not go within a mile of it.”

“Do we still tar and feather? Who ordered that damn thing?”


“Oh. Never mind.”

Kyuhyun sighed. Too much fuss over one man. Far too much.

“What the hell was it called again? A Wii? Just the sound of it is dangerous.”

Wait. Wii? Kyuhyun almost died from laughter the second time that day. All of this ridiculous gossip because of a Wii?


The Sheriff was race-walking towards him at a terrible speed.

“Hi, Siwon.”

“Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun have you heard?”

“Heard what?” The librarian asked, still walking, his stomach screaming for food.

“That Wii thing. It corrupts young people. It’s...” Siwon swallowed, “It’s evil

“Oh my god.” Kyuhyun forgot about his hunger. “Seriously, Siwon, you don’t actually believe that do you?”

Siwon looked confused.

“I’m going home. I’m applying for a job somewhere not insane. Bye.”


Sungmin soon discovered that Shindong couldn’t have picked a better house for him to stay at. He had yet to meet Kyuhyun the librarian (he was going to kill Shindong later for not telling him) but was excited. It promised to be a meeting of epic proportions.

Kyuhyun’s younger brother Ryeowook seemed like a nice person. Sungmin was slightly unsure because Ryeowook hasn’t spoken a word to the con man since his arrival; however, Sungmin had his eye on him, because that boy could play the piano like Sungmin could play people. And Sungmin wanted him. He would be perfect with his hair done, shining in front of a crowd, oh yes. Park Ryeowook was guaranteed a spot in his boy band. Or...fake boy band, it was the same difference, really.

And Sungmin loved Leeteuk. He really did; it had nothing to do with the fact that Leeteuk had successfully spread his rumor about the Wii. Well, maybe a little, but aside from that, Leeteuk was probably the kindest person he’d ever met. If Sungmin was going to feel bad about what he was doing, if being the key word, if would be because of Leeteuk.

A boy who looked to be about eleven or twelve walked into the kitchen, and stood in front of Sungmin, eyeing him. “You are not Kyuhyun,” he said, “Where is he? I’m supposed to have a lesson right now and I have to leave at exactly six o’clock and I can’t stay for dinner which is the bummer of the century and...who are you?”

“I’m Lee Sungmin,” the con man said, and sized the boy up. He had a wonderful face, and he was taking lessons of some sort? Voice? Piano? It didn’t matter. Here was guaranteed member number two. “What is your name?”

“You can call me Yesung,” the boy said, and then added, “Where is Ryeowook?”

“Weren’t you just looking for Kyuhyun?”

“Yes but he’s obviously not here, so I want to talk with Ryeowook.”

“Yesung!” Leeteuk appeared in the kitchen, “You’re here! Kyuhyun’s coming, he’s walking down the road right now.”

Ryeowook walked into the room behind Leeteuk and was about to sit down but Yesung was standing in front of him in a matter of seconds. “Hi Ryeowook!” He said.

Ryeowook took an involuntary step back. “Guess what I did today, Ryeowook? I went down to the footbridge all by myself and I imagined that you were there with me. Will you go sometime with me? Please? I really want you to come.”

Ryeowook blushed furiously and ran out of the room.

Yesung sighed.

“Don’t worry,” Leeteuk patted Yesung’s head, “keep asking him. Someday he’ll talk to you.”

“I know,” Yesung grinned.

The screen door by the refrigerator opened up and Sungmin’s heart skipped several beats as he saw the person coming inside. He tried to school his features, even though he had no idea if his face was showing that his brain was momentarily frozen.

“Hi Kyuhyun!” Yesung waltzed over to him, “Guess what? Ryeowook listened to four full sentences! Or...maybe it was five...the point is, he didn’t run away until after!”

“That’s great,” Kyuhyun said, and Sungmin felt the gentle timbres of the man’s voice tingle all the way down into his toes. Dear. God.

There were simply no words for this man’s good looks. And his eyes...they were now gazing at him, ripping through his soul, and Sungmin was afraid that Kyuhyun just might be able to read minds.

“Who are you?”

“This is Lee Sungmin,” Leeteuk introduced, “Be nice. He saved Ryeowook’s life today. Your new piano almost crushed your brother.”

Those perfect eyes widened in shock.

“I’m a visitor and I needed a room for a little while. Leeteuk was kind enough to offer me one.”

“You’re welcome to whatever you need,” Kyuhyun replied, his voice still calm even though his eyes hasn’t shrunk to a normal size. It would be a wonderful thing to fall asleep to, almost as nice as ocean waves, “You have my gratitude.” His attention turned to Leeteuk and Sungmin focused on breathing, “Where’s Ryeowook? Is he okay?”

“He’s fine,” Leeteuk said, soothing Kyuhyun with a hand on his shoulder, “Though I’m not sure where he went after he ran out.”

Kyuhyun nodded, and beckoned to Yesung, “Come on, I know you have to leave at six.”

Yesung followed Kyuhyun towards another room in the house and Sungmin found that he could only breathe properly when Kyuhyun was no longer visible. A few minutes later he heard Yesung singing and he decided that if he could somehow convince Kyuhyun to coach the boys in the band, the group might actually become unintentionally halfway decent.

“Tea?” Leeteuk asked, and Sungmin nodded, his brain going ninety miles a minute as he set up the next part of what was becoming one of his most elaborate plans.


I hope this is semi interesting.  If you haven't seen the Music Man, you should.  It's old, but it's really cute.  While I was watching it I kept picturing Sungmin as the main character and I was like, omg I have to write this lol.

Oh, and I have nothing against Wiis.  In the musical it's a pool table that has the town in an uproar so I just tried to think of something modern.

And I don't know if there are mayors in Korea.  Does anyone know the equivalent title if it isn't mayor?



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Galavanting, girls, gold…oh god. You've gone straight haven't you?"
Why did I laugh so hard in this statement o.O The things your fics do to me ~_~

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Somehow this is easy to imagine XD

“Why would I do that? I’m not at all in favor of corrupting young minds.”
He is SuJu's Changmin I swear and that just makes me want to glomp him *glomps hyunnie*

Maybe he could find one with a descriptive kissing scene; that would be spectacular.
Ebil. Absoultely ebil. I LOVE IT XD


“That’s great,” Kyuhyun said, and Sungmin felt the gentle timbres of the man’s voice tingle all the way down into his toes. Dear. God.
OMG SUNGMIN IS A FANBOY!!! And it doesnt help that I just finished reading KyuMin smut O.O

Yes I comment the same way here... though not as long. Your law!verse is still in my 'fic of epic awesome proportions' list XD

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Music man is one of my favorites. This is an amazingly interesting idea. and you do it well, River City is in Trouble.