miari: (kaisehyun)
miari ([personal profile] miari) wrote2012-08-20 01:13 am

so this happened. awhile ago. only admitting it now...

me last year: oh new sm group. i will probably like them, as i am an sm girl, most of the time...
me: oh they are cute. i like them. THEY HAVE SUPER POWERS. Uhhhh.
exo: no but really, look at our cool super powers and all the cool things you could make a story out of. 
me: oh. oh they're adorable. i want to write them. but i don't know them very well. and i have other things to write.
exo: ...but you said we're cute. write us before we teleport you into space and leave you there. haha. /makes cute faces at me.
me: shit

conclusion: i'm screwed. and i might be writing them. maybe. they're cute. /sobs :(