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Yesterday, they had an event for ラストレシピ and Nino looks good and he was so cute, he was just smiling all the time! (*´꒳`*)

During the event, Nino commented about wanting to get a Michelin star instead of an Academy Award. Because in the movie, one can see the charm of cooking and the theme is all about cooking. When Nino wanted to talk about Ayano Gou-san (he also acted with Nino in ガンツ), initially he referred him as 'Gou-chan' then he switched to a more polite way of calling which is 'Ayano-san', but Ayano-san told Nino it's fine to call him 'Gou-chan'. Ayano-san calls Nino 'Nino'.

When asked the special power that they want to have the most, Nino replied that he wants to fly because he thought it would be cool. Then Ayano-san asked Nino "Don't you fly (during concerts)?" and Nino responded "Yes, I do. But now, it's with the help of many people. I want to try flying in the sky by myself." For Ayano-san, he said he wants to talk to people all over the world, so it would be great if he can learn all of the languages, then Nino just cut in and said "I will go with that too." and he changed his mind about wanting to fly.

They were asked "If you can obtain a special power, it's (A) Eyes that include the function to record or (B) A body where you are in complete control of gaining/losing weight." and Nino chose (A)! Nino's reason was that if he can watch the Olympics in 2020 in person, he will be able to record and watch it later.

Ayano-san talked about he and Nino don't make eye contact when they were acting. As they have mutual trust with each other, he will know what kind of expression Nino makes etc without even looking at him directly. So when they were doing an interview earlier on, they stood next to each other and were about to get their photo taken, the photographer told them to have some eye contact. And when they did, they just looked at each other at a close distance. Also, Ayano-san mentioned that he simply likes Nino.

Nino mentioned though he has acted the role of a chef a few times, he will always be corrected to use his right hand every time. And he doesn't hold the kitchen knife in his own private time. Hence, throughout his life, the time he spent holding the kitchen knife, it's longer when he is using his right hand. Nino also said if you keep using your left hand and then you have to switch to using your right hand, it probably will cause a substantial amount of stress. It's only when he's using the kitchen knife, he uses his right hand while for the rest of the cooking he uses his left hand.

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Bay Storm (24 Sep 2017)

Sep. 24th, 2017 10:58 pm
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(Listen: 2017.09.24)

Credit: 杏

♬ Nino played 「未完」and it's the first listen!

Note: My translation is not perfect (*^ー^*)

✉ Jun gave Nino jinbei {Japanese summer clothes} for his birthday this year, has Nino worn them? And has Nino gave Jun his birthday present?

Nino has not given Jun his birthday present and he does not know what to give to him. He has not seen him recently and only get to see him when they are filming their regular programs.

Then Nino was thinking of giving goods from Jun's drama, since Jun is filming right now. He feels that it's difficult to give birthday presents. Is it better for Nino to give something that can be used at home, or something that will be useful at the work location?

✎ J Storm bought an air-time slot in Bay Storm, so that they can play「未完」?
Nino said even though it's Listener Fes but J Storm with the power of money bought this air-time slot in Bay Storm. And he continued to say, that despite that we are having fun listening to Listener Fes at our precious tiny place. And also said a large company is a big shot after all and just comes in and asks how much it is for this air-time slot...it's just scary.

Nino apologized for that and said they will extend Listener Fes to 15 Oct, to give back twice the air-time slot that was bought. And then he played 「未完」.

ニノさん(24 Sep 2017)

Sep. 24th, 2017 05:55 pm
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VS嵐 (21 Sep 2017)

Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:34 pm
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Sep. 23rd, 2017 02:32 pm
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The new album 「untitled」(the title comes with 「」), will be released on 18 Oct and comes in 2 editions:

Limited edition
  • 13 tracks (including 3 singles & 1 musical selection)
  • 80 page lyrics photo booklet
  • DVD (「未完」 PV + special making)

Regular edition
  • 36 page lyrics photo booklet
  • CD 1 (same 13 tracks as limited edition)
  • CD 2 (4 unit songs + bonus track)

And yesterday, the album covers and track list are out..including the unit songs!

バズリNIGHT (Aiba, Ohno, Sho)
夜の影 (Jun, Nino, Ohno)
UB (Aiba, Nino)
Come Back (Jun, Sho)

I will say since I love all pair/trios because I think there is a different chemistry for each grouping and the way they interact varies...I am just SO LOOKING FORWARD to listening to the unit songs ♡ And it is said it's different from their performance as a group and solo, they could just really go random with these unit songs! I'm curious what does UB stand for...I saw a tweet saying maybe it stands for 'うちの ばか'. The possibilities are endless!

The bonus track is called カンパイ・ソング, which is Kanpai Song or basically it's a song about toasting a drink...so that should be interesting (≧◡≦)

You might be asking "Does that mean there are no solos this time?" When the news of the new album first came out, a lot of fellow fans presumed there will be no solos since there are unit songs. It seems to be that way for the other Johnny's groups. But at that time, it was all really vague.

So I thought I should wait for them to reveal the details of the track list. Interestingly, though the track list is out but unlike for previous albums, details such who wrote/compose the songs are not written. I would think though, they will indicate if it's a solo. Their older albums didn't have solos, so this is not something new.

Well, I guess there are no solos this round but I just wanted them to clearly state it and have an official confirmation (^▽^;)
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Recently, I have been rather productive (haha) with doing Bay Storm mini translations. If you have been visiting my site for quite some time (since blogspot days or even earlier!), you probably would know that I post them since back in 2014 (yes, I just realised this).

Then around late 2015, I stopped and now I'm continuing from where I stopped. Which is why you will see me tweeting translations from 2015 on Twitter (and I will post them here too but they are locked to those with friends-access only). Since I only moved to DW in 2015, the translations I did in 2014 are not reposted here. Hence, I'm thinking of doing that because there are some interesting things that Nino said...well, he always say something that amuses me ♡

If you love to read these mini translations, I have been editing the older Bay Storm posts and the ones I edited so far are for the period Nov - Dec 2015. So be sure to use the 'Bay Storm' tag! I'm currently in the 'I want to know what other darn things Nino said on Bay Storm' mode and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts (^▽^;)

I'm glad that I started with the メモカレンダー, it definitely makes it easier to follow Nino matters (*´꒳`*) For instance, keeping up with programs. I will put a ✖ next to the regular program name, if for some reason that particular episode wasn't broadcasted.

And perhaps you are already aware of this, but you can choose to view the yellow calendar 'ニノ' only. On your right under 'Calendars', just click on 'ニノ'. Also, the メモカレンダー can be viewed in either 'Month' or 'List' mode. I personally like to switch modes, like the 'List' mode is good for magazines (*^ー^*)

Another thing I would like to say is, if you like to leave a comment on a post but it doesn't allow you to, you may post it here (did you know I have a page for comments/questions?).

ニノさん(17 Sep 2017)

Sep. 17th, 2017 05:45 pm
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